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Mame: Clopidol

Chinese phonetic alphabet:Lüqiangbiding (氯羟吡啶)

Sex: White or quasi-white powder

Functions and uses:It is a good drug for anti-coccidiosis and treatment of chicken leukocytoplasma carinii, malaria and hemorrhagic proteidiosis in chickens, turkeys and geese. It is also a feed drug additive that can be added for a long time. It is mainly used to control the coccidiosis infected by Eimeria vulnerable poisoning, to inhibit the sporophyte reproduction in the early stage of asexual reproductive division after coccidiosis infection, to give full play to the efficacy of drugs before host infection, to kill the first generation cells of the schizoid, to effectively control the disease, and to promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients by birds and rabbits. Increase the rate of weight gain and feed efficiency. Chlorohydropyridine is a low-cost and effective drug for the treatment of Leukocystis carinii in chickens approved by the Ministry of Agriculture as a green broiler feeding standard.

Packaging specifications: 25kg/barrel, 25kg/bag

Matters needing attention:

1. Mixed feeding, anti-coccidial feed per 1000 kg: 125 g for poultry and 200 g for rabbits.

2. Broiler chickens must be fed with drugs continuously. Reserve chickens can be fed continuously until 16 weeks of age. Broiler chickens should be discontinued for 7 days before going on the market. It is forbidden to lay eggs.

3. Shade and keep in a cool and dark place.

Package and Storage:25kg/bag, Preserve in a cool, dry place and protect from light

Shelf life:2 years