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Robenine Hydrochloride
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Mame: Robenine Hydrochloride

Chinese phonetic alphabet:Yansuan Lübengua (盐酸氯苯胍)

Main ingredient:Robenine Hydrochloride

Specification:According to the dry products, Robenine Hydrochloride containing more than 98%.

Appearance:White or light yellow crystalline powder.

Pharmacologic action:Robenidine hydrochloride is a broad-spectrum coccidiostat, which can prevent and cure coccidiosis in E.tenella, E.acervuline, E.maxima, E.necatrix, E.mitis, and E.brunetti in broilers. It can stop the development of the first schizont generation and the peak of action is on the third day of Eimeria life cycle.

Indication:Used for coccidiosis of chickens and rabbits.

Usage and Dosage:Thoroughly mix this product in 1000kg of feed, chicken 300-600g, rabbit 1000-1500g.

Precautions:Do not feed to laying hens.

Withdrawal period:3 days for chickens, 7 days for rabbits.

Package and Storage:20kg/barrel, preserve in airtight containers.

Shelf life:2 years