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Clopidol premix
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Name: Clopidol premix

Chinese phonetic alphabet:Lüqiangbiding Yuhunji (氯羟吡啶预混剂)

Main ingredient:Clopidol

Specification:25% Clopidol

Appearance:Off-white powder.

Pharmacologic action:This product is effective to chicken E.tenella, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.maxima, E.acervuline, especially to E.tenella, and also to rabbit coccidia. The peak stage of action of clopidol on coccidiosis was the sporozoite stage, that is, the first day after infection, which was mainly inhibited by clopidol. Within 60 days after administration, the sporozoite could not develop in intestinal epithelial cells. Therefore, the anti-coccidiosis effect must be given before or at the same time. Clopidol is applied to prevent medication and has no significance in the treatment of coccidiosis. This product can inhibit chicken immunity to coccidiosis, early withdrawal of drugs will lead to coccidiosis outbreak. Coccidia is susceptible to resistance to clopidol.

Indication:Used for coccidiosis of chicken and rabbit.

Usage and Dosage:Thoroughly mix this product in 1000kg feed, 500g for chicken and 800g for rabbit.

Precautions:Do not feed to laying hens.

Withdrawal period:5 days before slaughter.

Package and Storage:25kg/bag, Preserve in a cool, dry place and protect from light

Shelf life:2 years