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Robenine Hydrochloride Premix
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Name: Robenine Hydrochloride Premix

Chinese phonetic alphabet:Yansuan Lübengua Yuhunji(盐酸氯苯胍预混剂)

Main ingredient:Robenine Hydrochloride

Specification:The content of Robenidine Hydrochloride is 100g per 1000g.

Appearance:Off-white powder.

Pharmacologic action:

This product has good effect on E.tenella, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.maxima, E.acervuline of chicken and is still effective to other coccidia resistant to other anticoccidists. It mainly inhibited the reproduction of the first generation of coccidiosis and also played a role in the second generation of the merozoite. The peak stage of its action was on the 3rd day after infection. It also works against a variety of coccidiosis in rabbits. The mechanism of this product is to interfere with the endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm of the worm, affect the protein metabolism of the insect body, cause swelling of the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi body, inhibit the oxidative phosphorylation reaction and ATP. Coccidiosis is easy to produce resistance to this product. Nine metabolites, such as p-chlorotoluene, were metabolized in vivo after oral administration of chicken. After one dose, the amount of excretion within 24 hours accounted for 82% of the dose, and 99% after 6 days.

Indication:An anticoccidial drug. Used in poultry and rabbit coccidiosis.

Usage and Dosage:Thoroughly mix this product in 1000kg of feed, chicken 300-600g, rabbit 1000-1500g.


(1) Do not feed to laying hens.

(2) Long-term or high concentration(60mg/kg feed) can cause bad smell of chicken and eggs. However, a lower concentration(less than 30mg/kg feed) did not produce the above phenomenon.

(3) When using this product to stop coccidiosis, it often leads to recurrence of coccidiosis.

Withdrawal period:3 days for chickens, 7 days for rabbits.

Package and Storage:25kg/bag, Preserve in well closed containers.

Shelf life:2 years